Tuong Ngoc International Investment Co., Ltd. is a professional company specialized in importing and distributing a variety of chemical raw materials which consumed for sectors of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, supplements, fertilizers, crop and livestock protection products and other industries. We are always updated with new trends to meet customers' needs.

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With the concept "customer is the center", we focus all resources to research and develop products to bring customers the latest and most effective services and solutions. The success of customers is also the success of Tuong Ngoc.

Phòng LAB – R&D
LAB – R&D center
Phòng LAB – R&D
Make projects, formulas
Phòng LAB – R&D
New trends, new solutions
Tài liệu, kỹ thuật
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About Tuong Ngoc

Established in 2008, Tuong Ngoc is one of the prestigious companies in the chemical business in Vietnam. The company specializes in importing raw chemicals materials from reputable suppliers around the world and distributing to manufacturing enterprises in the cosmetic industry, makeup, skin care, hair care, personal care, home care; pharmaceutical industry; agrochemicals industry, fertilizers, pesticides, aquatic veterinary medicine; and other industries. Tuong Ngoc's extensive distribution system has met great demands in all markets in the country.

  • 10+years of development
  • 98%satisfied customers
  • 100%reliable partners